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Soulmask Is Now Available In Early Access

Qooland Games and CampFire Studio have globally launched their survival game, Soulmask, in its early access phase. As we previewed in our video in Soulmask, you will control members of a tribe, catering to each of their needs and jumping between them as necessary, adding variety and depth to a familiar formula.

Soulmask Early Access on Steam

The central element of the game is the mask. Your character is not the hero; the mask is. During customization, you choose from three masks, each with unique specializations offering various functions to control, shape, and create the game world. There are ten unique masks to discover, with three available at the start.

In addition to the masks, Soulmask allows you to recruit up to 20 members to build your own tribe. Each member is unique and has a distinct personality, ranging from bloodthirsty warriors and skilled hunters to ingenious craftsmen or even lazy drunks.

The game offers robust AI support and commands, allowing you to configure and manage the workflow of clan members with a high degree of freedom: cultivation, harvesting, production lines, base patrolling, automatic repair, and maintenance. Everything can be automated and customized by the player.

Soulmask also offers a diverse, physics-based combat system, ideal for fighting enthusiasts. With 8 types of weapons and 75 skills, players can customize their own fighting style. For example, the spear has up to eight specialization skills that can be learned randomly, allowing it to be used as a ranged weapon to lure enemies or as a melee weapon to pierce hearts.

Launch Details and New Features

Building upon the rich experience provided during the open beta, Soulmask’s Early Access release features an extensive array of new content and improvements:

  • A Staggering 500 Hours of Gameplay: Dive deep into the world of Soulmask with an expansive playtime that promises endless exploration and adventure.
  • Ten Signature Masks: Discover the unique powers of each mask, adding layers of strategy and customization to your survival tactics.
  • Seven Vast Regions: Explore a colossal 64 square kilometer area encompassing seven distinct biomes, including Rainforest, Hill, Wetland, Plateau, Wasteland, Volcano, and Snow Mountain.
  • Six Fearsome Bosses: Challenge six formidable bosses, including five powerful pyramid bosses and one mysterious sci-fi-inspired boss.
  • Eight Distinct Weapon Classes: Master 75 unique battle skills across a variety of weapons such as spears, bows, hammers, blades, shields, gauntlets, great swords, and dual-blades.
  • Five Special Mounts to Tame: Enhance your journey by taming and riding these unique creatures.
  • Nearly 400 Ancient Relics: Uncover hidden secrets and artifacts to enrich your adventure.
  • Dynamic Tribesmen: Engage with tribesmen who possess nearly 300 unique talents, playing a critical role in the game’s dynamic ecosystem.
  • 300 Construction Components: Build and customize a cozy home with a wide array of construction elements.
  • New Private Server Mode: Enjoy a more personalized gaming experience with over 100 customization functions available in stand-alone and online modes.
  • Enhanced Character Action and Sound Effects: Experience smoother character actions and more immersive sound effects, adding depth to your gameplay.

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