Mirthwood First Ever Public Demo Is Out Now on Steam
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Mirthwood First Ever Public Demo Is Out Now on Steam

Mirthwood has now released its first ever public demo, an upcoming medieval fantasy RPG Life-Sim Adventure developed by Developer Bad Ridge Games, a Seattle-based studio debuting with this title, and published by V Publishing.

Mirthwood 2D RPG Demo Out Now

Bad Ridge Games has shown that the creation of Mirthwood was inspired by titles like Fable, Stardew Valley, and Rimworld, inviting us to create a home, build a farm, and embark on all kinds of adventures while exploring its vast and beautifully hand-drawn medieval fantasy world.

At the start of the game, you will need to create a character, defining their physical appearance and background by choosing their origin, social class (royalty, nobility, peasant), and profession (herbalist, tinker, farmer, actor, criminal, fighter, rat catcher), with each of these traits providing advantages and a disadvantages.

Your character flees a war-torn continent, arriving in this new place where they must start from scratch, so the first thing you’ll need to do is create a home and farm to survive and attempt to thrive.

Mirthwood’s open world, featuring hand-drawn graphics and immersive sound effects, is divided into six regions and three towns. During your adventure, you’ll face storms and illnesses while interacting with the characters around you. Additionally, there is a Sims-style interaction system where you can even insult characters—there’s nothing like making enemies wherever you go.

Mirthwood is set to launch this summer on PC. Eager travelers who wish to start their journey can wishlist on Steam and can play the demo now.

Key Features

  • Cultivate Your Homestead: Build a farm, plant and harvest crops, rear animals, and upgrade your facilities to craft items and gear.
  • Explore the Freelands: This open world comprises six diverse regions and three distinct towns, with much to discover. Travel on foot or by mount through mystical forests to boggy swamps.
  • Brawl and Skirmish: Take up a sword or prepare your bow in real-time combat. Mirthwood pits you against various enemies. Find and equip various loot and hunt down rare, powerful items.
  • Be Who You Want To Be: Your skills improve through your actions. By performing these actions, you’ll gain access to skill cards that you can equip and unlock powerful modifiers. Will you choose to be a lovable rogue or a sword-swinging master farmer?
  • A Fully Simulated Realm: Mirthwood is a fully simulated world and economy where NPCs go about their daily lives. Your choices impact the world and shape events.
  • Embrace Your Sense of Adventure: Embark on quests, encounter dynamic events, and investigate mysteries across the world.
  • Mix and Mingle: Meet and befriend (or insult) any NPC, and unlock new social interactions as your relationships and reputation grow. You can also recruit companions and pets to take with you on your journey.

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