Ballad of Antara: new free-to-play fantasy RPG announced at State of Play
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Ballad of Antara: new free-to-play fantasy RPG announced at State of Play

Ballad of Antara, a new free-to-play action RPG set to release on “various platforms” in 2025, though for now, the only confirmed platform is PlayStation 5, as announced by Infold Games and TipsWorks aduring the State of Play broadcast

Ballad of Antara: New Free-to-play Fantasy RPG

The creators explain that they have crafted a vast world with two versions: one more ordinary and another called Para, which hides unimaginable mysteries and dangers. “The fundamental essences of the living world are seized and trapped within Para due to the invasion of an ancient power, and that is where our story begins,” say the creators.

These worlds, designed by the team and ready to explore, offer their unique Para with different biomes, stories, heroes, and adversaries. “Ballad of Antara is an action RPG with multiple playable characters. These characters possess the power to traverse the two worlds of normalcy and the unimaginable. We call them Emissaries. Each Emissary has their own unique class, gameplay abilities, and their own mysterious and tantalizing stories that we want to tell.

“Finding and gathering these Emissaries throughout the world, strengthening your forces, and uncovering the truth behind the calamity of this land are your main objectives in Ballad of Antara. The young girl shown at the end of our trailer is the key to this endeavor. You will help her undo the devastation caused in this desolate world through trials, twists, and confrontations, and you will witness her growth along the way.”

A Single-Player Adventure With Co-op

There is a single-player narrative component, but Ballad of Antara also includes multiplayer for up to three players. Together, they can complete story missions, investigate the world, and discover dungeons.

Post-launch, the game will expand with new zones, Emissaries, stories, and more. More information is set to be revealed later this year, and a beta will be available on PS5 soon.

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